Russell C. Rhodes, BA, MBA, J.D.

Has devoted his life to family and community.

Father of three, grandfather of three, he has provided a role model for his children and grandchildren that has rewarded him personally as all have followed a path that has made them not only independently successful but also committed to community outreach and support.

As the major donor in the last decade to J.W. Anthony Youth and Family Outreach, he has made possible the continued work of this non-profit independent of sole reliance on the competitive pursuit of grants from outside sources.

In his own words, in a document of 100 Black Men of Los Angeles of which he was a founding member, he said “We have a responsibility to anchor ourselves in the realities of Black life that continue to function as blockages to the maximum emergence of successful individuals and healthy communities. We have a responsibility to commit ourselves to address those issues and areas where our collective resources can make a difference”.

“We have a responsibility to be not only an active force in our community but an innovative force that aggressively initiates action as needed. We have, in sum, a responsibility to “Lift as We Climb.”

Russell C. Rhodes